Nepal FAQs

To travel to Nepal it is necessary to have a passport in order, with a minimum validity of 6 months, and to process the tourist visa. There are two ways to obtain the visa:

1) To process the visa upon arrival in Nepal, either at the Kathmandu airport or at any of the border crossings, if you enter by land.

2) Through the Embassy or Consulate of Nepal in your country, in Barcelona there is a consulate:

There are three visas of different duration: 

15 days = 25 $  |  30 days = 40 $  |  90 days = 100 $

In case you want to extend your tourist visa once the 90 days are over, you can do it for an additional 60 days at the Kathmandu immigration office

Remember: The maximum stay with tourist visa in Nepal is 150 days per calendar year (January to December).|

The climate is very varied depending on the area. Only two seasons are contemplated:

– The dry season that goes from October to May (December, January and February being the coldest months).

– The wet season (monsoon), from June to September, although it rains a lot, temperatures are typical of low latitudes.

Humla, is isolated during some times of the year, and it is not advisable to visit it during the wet season, since the airplanes can not circulate when it is cloudy (there are no navigation tools).

The time zone of Nepal is GMT + 5: 45.

Humla region is visited by many tourists, especially Indians, who want to access the sacred mountain of the Kailash.

Kailash is the tourist jewel of the area, it is of an extraordinary beauty.

Bear in mind that it is a very poor region, and except the capital (slightly), Simikot, it is not prepared to accommodate tourists.

It is a trip that usually lasts between 1 and 3 days (or even more), depending on the weather conditions and the availability of seats in the plane.

Step 1. Take a plane from Kathmandu to Nepalganj, a border city with India. Nepalganj is very hot and there is a bit of chaos, probably the best option is to spend the night in the city. You can buy the Kathmandu ticket to Nepalganj in the Thamel district of Kathmandu or even on-line in advance, although a little bit more expensive.

Step 2. Light aircraft from Nepalganj to Simikot. The ticket is bought at the Nepalganj airport, it is kind of a bus, there are people waiting for hours or days for the next plane to pass. However, as a tourist they usually give you preference since you pay a higher price.

Attention: the total cost of the trip (return trip to Kathmandu) can exceed 500 euros.

Yes, you can take a Jeep in Nepalganj, which takes you at a distance of 2 days walking to Simikot. We recommend the plane option best.

The Nepali rupee (NPR) is the currency of the country. To know the equivalence of the currency of your country with the NPR you can visit: http: //

In Nepal you will find many ATMs to withdraw money with your credit / debit card.
We recommend making the change in the country, it is always more beneficial than in the country of origin, since the currency fluctuates a lot.