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Our NGO, Health us Nepal, is based in Humla, one of the most isolated regions in the world. A stunning place in the middle of the Himalayas, with no running water, electricity or roads. Nor is there a proper medical center, of course. The only way to get there is by taking two small planes from Kathmandu, the capital. Medical transportation has to be done by airplane as well, adding a high cost to the transported goods (>1,2eur/Kg).


PROJECT | There was not any official pharmacy in the area and there is one basic public center. Meds price was four to five times higher than the raw material cost. At the same time, no advices were given and, quite often, outdated meds were dispensed.

Given this facts, we decided that running a Pharmacy would be the first brick, universalizing access to medicines. Our Pharmacy will grant neede to anyone, acoompanying the patients through all the treatment and administrating good quality meds. At the same time, the pharmacy has a medical center extension, that allows us to complement the public health center, and give basic threatments, record a track of patients and diseases, and promote hygienic habits focusing in younger generations.

LOCATION | Simikot, the capital of Humla


  • Impact urban areas and surrounding rural
  • Attend patients with minor diseases
  • Provide advice on how to use medicines
  • Develop local professionals
  • Purchase a basic RX and blood test machine

REACH | +5.000 people

TOTAL FUNDS NEEDED | +30.000 eur/year

  • 2 local professionals salaries: 6.000eur
  • Doctor salary: approx 6.000 eur (tbc)
  • Rent: 1.200eur
  • Meds: 12.000eur
  • Equipment / material: 3.200eur


  • RX: 18.000eur (3.000eur transport)
  • Blood test machine: 3.000eur


PROJECT | Provide ad-hoc medical atenttion to remote villages and vulnerable people. Having Simikot as a hub, we visit frequently home of those who cannot reach our center and run focused health actions in remote villages.

LOCATION | Takla, Bamta, TheHe and other remote villages – radius of 4-6h walking from Simikot

REACH | +2000 people


  • Impact rural areas
  • Attend patients with minor and major diseases
  • Provide advice on how to use medicines
  • Health education
  • Health Campaigns (e.g. tapeworm prevention)