The story


Namaste! This little boy at the left side of the picture it’s me, Marc Boix Bruguera: the cofounder of Health us Nepal. The pic was taken in the public orphanage where I lived until my Spanish parents, Ramon and Rosa, adopted me. They raised me and gave me access to a good European education. 

As I grew old, I wanted to do something to help those people who haven’t had the same fate as me. That is why I decided to study Medicine and fly back to Nepal to settle down in the village where I was born. There I started this NGO. Thank you for stopping by!

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Our mission

#HealthUsNepal’s mission is to bring health assistance to the remote villages of Nepal where
more than 50,000 people live forgotten in the middle of the Himalayas, with no access to quality health assistant.

Primary Health Center

In collaboration with the local government, have built a needed Primary Health Center.


We provide medicines to alleviate the most common conditions: traumas, eye and respiratory infections, fever and malnutrition.


We built our the first legal pharmacy in the area, to make it affordable for all the population to get access to medicines.


Our local professionals attend childbirths to help decrease child mortality in the area.


We run regular vaccination campaigns in order to prevent easily eradicable diseases.

Healthy habits

We educate on the importance of health and hygenic habits. Focusing on childs and women.

Health us Nepal,
a personal project

Our NGO, Health Us Nepal, is based in Humla, one of the most isolated regions in the world. It’s a stunning place in the middle of the Himalayas, with no running water, electricity or roads. It’s Marc’s birthplace.

4.5 hours

Average walking distance in Humla to get from one village to another.

+3.000 m

Altitude and extreme temperatures make crops and survival difficult.

58 years old

Average life expectancy at this remote region of Nepal.

REal-Life testimonials

Health us Nepal is an extraordinary adventure that allows me to give back and help all those who haven’t had the same fate as me.

Marc Boix Bruguera
NGO Founder

I received a letter from Marc, where he explained me his project. Once I knew the hole story it was impossible for me not to get involved.

Joaquim Bretcha
NGO Spokesperson

I feel so honoured to be part of the family Health us Nepal! This is a genuine and thrilling project… Something not so common nowadays.

Alba Pujol

Knowing that Marc is making his project possible fills me with satisfaction. Step by step, and with the help of everyone, Humla’s health will be a reality!

Xell Cufí