Do you want to collaborate?

Association declared of Public Utility on 10 October 2022 (DOGC 8775 of 19.10.2022). This allows you to deduct the contributions in the IRPF declaration of the following year.

“Any help, no matter how small, is welcome”.

Become a member

Download the membership form to become a member. Once printed and signed, you may scan it and send it to the email address

Make a one-off contribution

If you prefer, you can make a one-off contribution by bank transfer to our account at Caixa d’Enginyers:

ES30 3025 0016 1714 0003 6144

(If you collaborate through these platforms, please inform us at, providing your personal details: full name, NIF, address and telephone number, so that we can certify your contribution for the purposes of tax relief on your income tax return or corporate tax return).

Actively collaborate in other ways

You can also collaborate with HealthUsNepal by sharing, promoting conferences, etc.

Help us in management tasks

Reach out to us to discuss the differents types of help and for more details.