The association’s timeline


Documents from the 2020 assembly, held remotely on 24th October.

In collaboration with the medical staff from the hospital, training courses were offered to people who worked as health assistants in different parts of the territory, in villages around Humla. The NPO took care of the associated costs.

Course for health care assistants 1
Course for health care assistants 2

The medical center and the pharmacy were extended with 30 m2 destined for storage.

A person of support for storage and cleaning was hired.

The promotional campaigns were reduced due to the pandemic.

How the Coronavirus affected Nepal


When Nepal closed its borders due to the Coronavirus, on March, Marc was in Kathmandu taking care of management tasks for the clinic.

He was able to arrive to Nepalganj, where he discovered that all flights to Simikot were cancelled. In Nepalganj, there was a concentration of people from the Humla region, about a hundred, which had no means of transport.


Marc, facing a situation that would lead to all kind of issues —nowhere to sleep, not knowing how long the quarantine would last, etc.— decided to organize the return to Simikot along with two of his peers. They rented buses to arrive to Jumla and walk to Simikot from there.

Organizing the return to Simikot

The journey lasted several days and nights and they crossed 4000 m mountain chains while it was snowing. He paid for the food, water, etc.

Crossing 4000 m snowed mountain chains

Traveling to Humla 1: Road. 2020 2020

Traveling to Humla 2: Snow. 2020 2020

Traveling to Humla 3: At night. 2020 2020