The association’s timeline


Documents from the members’ assembly from 2021, which was held in Centre Cultural La Mercè (Girona) on 3rd July 2021.

In September, the permit to build the clinic was received, for the Assistance Center. It was a great step to consolidate the project and improve Marc’s hard working conditions.

An administrative/accountant was hired to manage the pharmacy.

The president and treasurer visited Simikot in October, where they saw Marc’s work on-site.

The president and the treasurer, in Simikot. October 2021

Due to the pandemic, the promotion campaigns were reduced. We focused on promoting the association through other channels, such as radio, TV and written press.

At the assembly it was approved to apply for the qualification of association of Public Utility, which would allow the economic contributions to be tax-deductible. This can be requested after submitting two years’ accounts in official format.

The treasurer filmed several videos talking about Simikot and the surrounding areas.

Walking in Simikot: main street

Simikot: The OId Town

In the assembly, the members agreed to hand in the request to become a public utility association. An association can be considered of public utility if the association’s accounts are presented during a minimum of two years, following the protocol for official accounting.

This was a great step to carry out the purpose of the association.

Even if the promotion events were reduced because of the pandemic, they were taken up again a few months later, in ventilated spaces where everyone wore a mask.