The association’s timeline


The association grows

Between the months of March and December, 66 new members joined and 84 people made sporadic donations.

In July, Marc traveled to Catalonia and was able to meet all the people who were interested in the project during different meetings that he held, where he explained the evolution of the task he is carrying out.

Medicines and small and medium medical equipment were transported to Kathmandu by Pau Donés and his brother Marc. They both hiked in the Everest area.

Video with Pau Donés and Ramon Boix, preparing packages that Pau transported to Nepal.

Marc and Pau Donés. July 2019.

Olot’s City Council names Marc Olot’s Ambassador in Nepal.

Olot's Ambassador in Nepal.

Olot’s City Council names Marc Olot’s Ambassador in Nepal.

Les Preses Town Hall establishes a collaboration with the association.

book of honor in Les Preses

Signing the book of honor in Les Preses Town Hall.

Ramon Boix and Josep Cabrera.

HUN- 2019 Summary.

A typical day in the center.

Challenges in Humla.

Childbirth in Humla.

Team members.


Chronic patients.

Social action.

Toilets and chimneys.


Interviewing Marc in Simikot. October 2019.

Campaign to treat and prevent scoliosis in Takla and remote villages.

Marc shows the pharmacy.

President and the treasurer in Sikimot

In October, the president and the treasurer of the association traveled to Simikot to see Marc’s work on-site.